Cylinder Heads

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We carry out cylinder head rework on site & this includes but is not exhaustive to pressure testing, re-surfacing, valves supplied & fitted, guides replaced & valve seats cut & replaced.

We have all makes of reconditioned cylinder heads on the shelf. All sold on an exchange basis with a surcharge – returnable upon receipt of the complete old unit.

Below is an example of the work carried out on our reconditioned heads


Cylinder Head – Reconditioned

  • Every cylinder head is inspected for cracks
  • Engines with OHC configurations have the camshaft bores measured for size, ovality, taper and alignment and are either restored to OEM specification or scrapped
  • Valve guides are measured for wear and either resized or renewed to conform to original tolerances
  • Valve seats are machined to retain the correct seat angles, widths, valve heights and valve seating concentric with the centre line of the valve guide bore
  • Valves are examined for damage, head thickness and stem wear and replaced or machined as necessary
  • All valve springs are tested for squareness, free height and compressed load length
  • Cylinder heads are checked for distortion and thickness
  • When machining the cylinder head face, attention is paid to maintaining the surface finish specified by the gasket manufacturer.