Diesel Engines because of the type and use of the vehicles they are fitted to, will have covered more miles than a petrol unit. We source only used diesel engines that have been dismantled by a very select few suppliers who will vouch for its condition. Even so,it is unusual to be able to buy a low mileage, used diesel engine from us, as we have established that only a very few are genuinely acceptable to be sold.

The remainder are passed immediately into our growing reconditioning department and rebuilt to standards consistent with the industry. A small number can be ‘refurbished’ by replacing, maybe, just valve stem seals, piston rings and bearings etc., to be sold as a standard diesel engine ( low mileage used, but carefully checked and repaired where necessary).

Reconditioned units are built up as ‘tall block’ and usually contain replacement pistons and rings, a rebored or re-linered block, re-ground crankshaft and a rebuilt cylinder head with special attention being paid to cylinder head cracks that are the bain of any diesel engine. Supplied without any ancillaries they are shrink wrapped to a pallet with all necessary fitting gaskets & seals.

A diesel engine by its nature needs to work hard and component manufacturers and engine reconditioning companies are worried by the increasing use of friction reducing additives in oil that can actually delay a new or reconditioned engine bedding in. It is quite possible to see the cross – hatch honing marks on a bore even after many miles of running, where an engine has been run on modern oil.

The modern, prolonged ‘bed – in’ period, means that the old fashioned procedure of driving gently for the first 1,000 miles can be detrimental to the way that the engine works and is liable to cause it to burn excessive oil.

All diesel engines are sold exchange and a deposit is required pending the return of the old unit. The deposit will only be fully returned if the exchange unit is complete and free of any holes in the block or cracks in the head. It must also be like for like the original unit.