Engine Re-Conditioning

Customers-own-unit reconditioning is one area of growth that we are currently developing. Due to the shortage of core material for some models, it is necessary to offer a fast turnaround on the existing engine. This is particularly the case with commercial engines where the engine is similar to the vehicle version in construction but has a number of additional features on the block or head to accommodate the hydraulic systems of a commercial engine.

Put simply, an engine can only be described as ‘Remanufactured’ if it complies with the British Standard Automobile Series Code of Practice BS AU257:2002.  This standard, dictates the mandatory operations and procedures that need to take place in the remanufacturing process. It provides a clear distinction between engines that are professionally remanufactured and those that are inferior reconditioned products.  BS AU257:2002 fully details the procedures and operations for the remanufacturing of both spark (petrol) and compression ignition (diesel) engines:

Prices for repair are quoted on an individual basis and the only delay can be the supply of manufacturers original parts that are necessary in some short production-run types, or where a specialist repair proves necessary to a component that cannot be purchased promptly or economically.

All our reconditioned engines are supplied as per below


New Components

  • All remanufactured engines are equipped with new pistons, piston pins, piston rings, mains and con-rod bearings, timing chain or belt gaskets, oil seals, core plugs.
  • These new components are carefully selected for their durability and reliability and are sourced from the same producers that supply the vehicle manufacturers
  • All diesel pumps and injectors are remanufactured to perform to OEM specifications by a diesel injection specialist