The Premier Engine was created after it became apparent that the regular standard engine, whilst being quite acceptable to the public and independent motor trade, did not meet the needs of Franchised Dealers who require the peace of mind of an even higher quality product.

A percentage of engines that arrive are of very low mileage probably from accident ‘write offs’ and thus have covered even less mileage than the established norm. Therefore, the opportunity to establish a ‘Premier Engine’ becomes available immediately & a more comprehensive testing procedure has been introduced.The ‘Premier Engine’, having passed all the regular standard tests is then connected to a purpose built rig that will allow the engine to run for about 45 minutes. Because it is connected to a full water cooled radiator system its hot running characteristics can be evaluated and its oil pressure and compression performance can be very carefully monitored under more usual circumstances.

A new cam belt / timing chain is fitted before testing and after the engine has passed the test, all ancillary components, that are usually supplied attached to a standard unit, are removed and discarded. Franchised dealers are aware of the fact that to prepare a standard engine for fitting can require up to an hours work. With labour rates in some parts of the country approaching £120 per hour this is obviously a sensitive issue. By supplying an engine with all gasket surfaces clean and the block ancillary free, the worry is overcome.

Exchange units are requested always and a deposit will be required pending the return of the old unit. The deposit will only be withheld if the unit is incomplete, or is not returned or is not the same as the original supplied by us.