A Standard Engine from us is one that will have covered less than 40,000 miles.

When the engines arrive at our hub in Motherwell they are evaluated for quality and model variety before undertaking a series of tests including, hot running, oil pressure, compression, noise, emissions etc. They are then cleaned with a specially formulated degreaser and shrink wrapped onto a pallet to await distribution.

This is the `Standard’ engine unit and is offered with a one months parts only warranty.

Engines that fail test are assessed for suitability to either undertake a minor repair (head gasket failure, oil leaks, etc.) before being re-tested or they will be subjected to a full refurbishment programme, where they would be offered as a `Premier Engine’.

Most vehicle engines are kept as regular stock at the Hub and our experience can usually provide a positive answer to any enquiry.

All petrol engines are sold on exchange basis